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Kappa Nu Sigma Induction

Inductees posing for a photo in Jones Chapel
Photo by Kelly Roberts

On Jan. 24, Meredith’s honor society Kappa Nu Sigma held its annual induction ceremony for students with 3.9 GPA and over 75 credit hours or students with a 3.8 GPA and over 90 credit hours. Along with the induction of new members, the ceremony also acknowledged the 39 first and second-year students who received the Helen Rice Scholarship for having the highest GPA in their classes. There was excitement and joy expressed from both the parents and new members. “I’m really excited I got to do this, even though I missed a class for it. This was a really big deal for me and my family,” Dominique Bateman, an inductee, remarked after the event.

After the new members took the Kappa Nu Sigma pledge, the event ended with a speech from guest speaker Dr. Lisa Bullard. With a PhD in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Lisa Bullard is the Director of Undergraduate studies in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NC State. Dr. Bullard said that she treats students coming to her as if they have a package for her. She said that whenever someone comes to you, you have a choice: you can either tear open their “package” carelessly to get to the thing inside or you can examine and appreciate all the aspects of the package. To remind her of this idea, she keeps a package on her desk with a beautiful wrapping she picked herself. Dr. Bullard summarized, “Each [person’s story] is an offering to you, and it’s your choice as to how to respond to the gift given: their talents, their hopes, and their fears. Be the one who chooses to unwrap the package.”

By Kathleen Daly, Staff Writer


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