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Meredith Announces Changes to Community Standards

The courtyard of SMB
Photo by Madison Sholar

On May 19, Meredith College’s Executive Leadership Team sent out an email detailing minor changes to the College’s Community Standards and a preview of their plan for vaccination requirements.

The email stated that all people on campus must continue to adhere to the Community Standards by socially distancing and wearing a mask indoors. However, as of May 19, masks are no longer required outside on Meredith’s campus as long as six-foot social distancing is observed. Currently, there have been no changes to the summer guest policy in the Oaks Apartments, which bars off-campus guests. Additionally, although North Carolina’s indoor mask mandate has now been lifted for all individuals, Meredith’s indoor mask requirement still applies to individuals who have been fully vaccinated.

Meredith’s Executive Leadership Team stated that they “fully expect” to require the COVID-19 vaccine for all students, faculty and staff. A portal to submit proof of vaccination, or current PCR tests for those who have not yet been vaccinated, will be open in “a few weeks.” Meredith’s Staying Strong website will be updated when the portal is open.

By Olivia Slack, Co-Editor in Chief


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