Meredith College Changes COVID-19 Policies

The front drive at Meredith College
Photo courtesy of Meredith College on Instagram

On Feb. 23, Meredith College announced it will be changing its COVID-19 policies starting Friday, Feb. 25. This news comes after announcements from Raleigh Mayor Mary Baldwin and NC Governor Roy Cooper which changed both city and statewide masking requirements.

Meredith College is lifting its mask requirement for outdoor athletic events and ceremonies. Other changes to the COVID-19 protocols include the allowance of food and beverages to be served at outdoor events and at indoor events held in areas designated for food. Meredith College will also no longer be requiring six-foot distancing measures at indoor and outdoor events.

Under the new COVID-19 protocols, masks will still be required in indoor and classroom settings, and three-foot distancing will still be in place in classrooms. In the coming weeks, the College plans to continually monitor the test positivity rate and transmission rates. The email also announced that Meredith College intends to eventually allow non-student guests into the residence halls and on-campus apartments and return to “normal” guest policies once the rate of transmission is lower.

By Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor

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