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Meredith Myth Busters, Part 4: The Curse of the Onyx

A hand holding a box with an onyx inside
Photo by Rachel Van Horne

Greetings, and welcome back to the Meredith Myth Busters. Since the Class of 2023’s Ring Ceremony was held on Friday, Oct. 22, this article will focus on the curse of the onyx. During Ring Week, there is a legend that says if you try on your onyx and look at it on your finger prior to ring dinner, bad luck will follow. Read on to hear the perspectives of two current Meredith students who claim they experienced the wrath of the onyx.

Student Charlie Hatch, ‘23, received their onyx during this year’s Ring Week. She explains that they decided to try it on and leave it on while taking photos with their friends. “My bad luck started as soon as I put on the ring,” Hatch said. “I noticed it was a little hard to put on so I kind of shoved it on my finger. After my friend and I took a picture, I couldn't get my ring off.”

Eventually, Hatch’s onyx did come off their finger. However, it was an experience that they will never forget, since “it took a lot of twisting and pain to get it off.” To this day, Hatch states that there are “some things that aren’t right” about their ring, such as the engraving.

Another student who faced the curse of the onyx is Emma Michaelsen, ‘22. She received her onyx in fall 2020, and she had previously heard the legend of what can happen to those who look at their onyx before Ring Dinner.

“I had heard briefly that it was bad luck to wear your onyx before the Friday of your Ring Dinner, and if you did wear it, you couldn’t look at it,” Michaelsen said. “I chose to wear my onyx as soon as I got it because I was so excited.”

Michaelsen started to wear her onyx out and about more frequently as Ring Week went on, and even wore it to in-person classes a couple of times. Just a few days after she began this habit, she was involved in a car accident.

“On the day before Ring Dinner, I got into a car accident. The officer at the scene was actually a Meredith graduate; she saw my onyx and asked if I was a senior or a junior. I said I was a junior,” Michaelsen said. “She replied with, ‘Oh boy, you know wearing your onyx before Ring Dinner is bad luck.’ Luckily, nobody was injured.”

With this information in mind, we’re letting you decide if this myth is busted. Have you heard any myths or legends regarding Meredith College that you want busted? Email The Meredith Herald ( or DM The Herald on Instagram (@meredith_herald)

By Hannah Porter, Opinion Editor


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