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Meredith's Interfaith Alliance Events

The Interfaith Alliance (IFA) has recently been revived on the Meredith Campus and brings some new ideas and events to students and faculty. Meredith’s previous  Interfaith Alliance, which was led by Stacy Purdue, Campus Chaplain,  was one of the organizations that disbanded during COVID-19. 

Alexandra Mussatti describes having founded the club in order to “be able to not only learn about other religions but also educate and share experiences and knowledge.” Mussatti also shared that she has a personal interest in expressions of faith and culture and has helped foster discussions on topics such as cultural appropriation and religious tolerance through the organization’s meetings.

The IFA has received a positive response from students from various religions and several faculty members as well. Mussati describes the experience of connecting with others on campus through the organization and explaining that the best part ia “meeting people who [she has] never even seen before on campus” who are interested in what the IFA is doing and the discussions the organization is having. Mussatti also added that “staff too have all been really excited and curious.”

Meredith’s students and faculty have the opportunity to engage in religious diversity and inclusion through the IFA’s events. Currently the IFA is holding a food drive for the Interfaith Food Shuttle. The Shuttle provides food services and aid to people all across Raleigh, and they will be taking donations at their next meeting on Mar. 29 at 10 a.m. in Lux 207. The IFA is also planning an Easter Celebration with a focus on Egyptian Coptic traditions. This event will take place on Apr. 5 from 3 p.m. until 6 p.m. on the lawn in front of SMB. The event will feature a picnic, a reading from the book of Psalm and a “massive” easter egg hunt. 

The club holds events such as these to help honor religious traditions while highlighting minority religions and denominations. Mussatti makes note of being optimistic about the role that the IFA can play in aiding Meredith’s diversity landscape. She shared that she is “super excited for people to come and have fun while exploring something new. “ In addition, Mussatti believes that she has “learned and experienced more from just getting to talk to and meeting with new people in the last couple of months than in the last few years.”

By Aleena Ali, Contributing Writer



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