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Meredith SAAC’s “Pennies for a Purpose”

A multi-colored jar with "Pennies for a purpose" written on the front
Photo by Shae-Lynn Henderson

The Meredith College Student Athlete Advisory (SAAC) Committee is hosting a fundraiser entitled “Pennies for a Purpose” which oversees the collection of small change which will be donated to an organization of the member’s choosing.

SAAC is a committee of student-athletes assembled to provide an understanding of the student-athlete experience. The Meredith SAAC is centered around fostering positive relationships among student-athletes and teams while emphasizing community involvement and the responsibility of service.

This year, the SAAC is conducting a competition amongst schools in the same conference as Meredith College to see who can collect the most money. Meredith SAAC President Emilee Wolfe, ‘23, said that Meredith “has never won before as a small school competing against much larger schools.” With that said, Wolfe hopes that this year the school will “make a name for itself by making a substantial contribution.”

The event is running until April 12, with collection jars found around campus in the Cate Center, Johnson Hall and the training room in Weatherspoon Gym. Another opportunity to contribute is on April 9 at the softball, tennis and lacrosse events hosted on campus. The goal is to raise a minimum of $200.

All proceeds will be donated to Raleigh’s Helen Wright Center for Women. The center is an emergency shelter for single, adult women without children in their custody. Beyond that, according to the Urban Ministries of Wake County, the HWC for Women focus on “the establishment of well-defined goals and objectives, [where] women are offered an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness and achieve self-sufficiency through intensive case management services.” The organization was specifically chosen because it is aligned with the goals of the Meredith SAAC, which looks to “empower and support women everywhere, not just on campus,” according to Wolfe.

There are also a variety of upcoming and ongoing projects for the SAAC this semester. Another service project is the Miracle League, which will host a group of sport teams and organize games for children and adults who have special needs. Additionally, the committee has also started an athletics honor society for seniors.

If any students are interested in finding out more information about the initiatives and how to contribute or student-athletes want to get involved, they can contact Emilee Wolfe or Coach Megan Rahn via email.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Staff Writer


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