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Mural of RBG Unveiled in DC

As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg prepared to head for Meredith College, a brand-new two-story mural was unveiled of her in Washington, DC.

The mural was unveiled on historic U Street, near the corner of 15th street, in Washington DC on Aug. 16. The mural depicts Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, smiling in her court robes and wearing a decorative collar, surrounded by birds. The birds represent the future activists who will follow in Justice Ginsburg’s legacy. It is the first sanctioned mural of Justice Ginsberg. The mural was painted by local DC artist Rose Jaffe. The mural took ten days to complete. Justice Ginsburg’s face, hands, and collar were painted separately onto wooden paneling, and then affixed to the wall. Jaffe made this artistic decision as she felt that she could not accurately depict Justice Ginsburg’s face onto brick. “So humbled to create this public art piece honoring the life and legacy of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg,” Jaffe stated on her Instagram profile. “She has paved the way for modern-day women’s rights in this country through much trial and tribulation. She is an icon of elegance, grace, power and leadership.” It was commissioned from Jaffe by Flock DC, an umbrella company that runs three real estate and lifestyle businesses in the DC area.

Flock DC is a female led company, which is what inspired the mural of Justice Ginsburg. CNN reports that Lisa Wise, the CEO of Flock DC, is a feminist and supports social justice art throughout the city. Wise has stated the Justice Ginsburg has inspired her to help those around her and she hopes the mural helps inspire others. Justice Ginsburg’s trip to Meredith was just one of many recent ways in which she’s made her mark on our country.

By Lena Pedlikin, Contributing Writer



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