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News Briefing

- By Emily Chilton and Sarah Kiser, Co-Editors-in-Chief -

California: Raging wildfires have devastated Northern California, killing at least 15 people and damaging hundreds of acres of property and land. The New York Timesreported that “state fire officials estimated that 17 separate fires…had burned about 115,000 acres over eight counties.” The fires are still active, and tolls of dead and injured are expected to rise as firefighters continue their attempts to stop the blazes.

Harvey Weinstein: Even more women have come forward with stories of sexual harassment or assault by Harvey Weinstein, the former head of The Weinstein Company and Miramax Studios. An investigative report by the Times came out on Thursday, Oct. 5, chronicling Weinstein’s history of abuse and cover-ups. Since the report, actresses including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have come out with their stories of harassment encounters with the erstwhile studio head; the number of accusers has grown to over a dozen.

Contraception rollback: President Trump has changed health care law so that companies and nonprofits are no longer required to provide birth control to their employees if the company has a religious or moral objection. Roger Severino, director of the Health and Human Services Office of Civil Rights described it as a “limited exemption.” But health policy analysts have said that the policy changes allows an easy loophole that any employer can claim. The attorney generals of Massachusetts and California filed lawsuits to block the new law.

Catalonia: On Sunday, Oct. 1, the Catalonia voted overwhelmingly to secede from Spain and become an independent country. However, the leader Carles Puigdemont has stated that the secession process will halt until his government can negotiate with the Spanish government in Madrid. In a speech on Tuesday, Mr. Puigdemont seemed to advocate the right and intention of Catalonia to become independent, while also hesitating to announce that independence, leaving time and goodwill to speak with the federal government of Spain. Madrid has denounced the vote as illegal and invalid, and Spanish police attempted to stop voters from casting their ballots in multiple places during the referendum.

Local sports: On Sunday, the Carolina Panthers overcame a multitude of penalties in the first quarter to snag a 27-24 win over the Detriot Lions. This win comes after another close one against the New England Patriots on Oct. 1. Even closer to home, NC State football has also had two recent wins against Syracuse and Louisville. Go Pack!

Information gathered from The New York Times and NPR.



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