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Off With Their Heads

This year’s Alice performance included satirical portrayals of President Donald Trump and comments by other characters at his and his family's expense. Though they were meant to be comedic, not all audience members approved of the remarks. At the Saturday show, a Meredith student stood up during the trial scene and said, “that’s very disrespectful” before walking out of the performance. The student has asked to remain anonymous but stated to reporters that she found the show "very offensive." In her opinion, "if someone doesn't like the president then they can keep their views and opinions to theirselves" [sic]. According to Professor Cathy Rodgers, who played a character responsible for many of the remarks against Trump, "theatre is meant to offend."

Above: video footage of the Saturday night Alice performance by Mimi Mays. The "very disrespectful" comment can be heard right after the line "I'm a Meredith grad and proud of it" at 01:22.

Dissent was not contained to inside Jones Auditorium either. A Meredith College Facebook post about Alice had to be deleted because community members were having personal arguments in the comments section about the appropriateness of Trump's portrayal. "We're fine with people having criticisms or concerns about things the College does," says Melyssa Allen, Meredith News Director, "but not when people start to fight each other." "Our Facebook page isn't the place for that," says Kristi Eaves-McLennan, Meredith VP for Marketing and Communications. She also reports that Meredith has received "a few emails and calls from individuals expressing opinions." The College's goal for now is to "listen to concerns and assuade misconceptions," says Eaves-McLennan.

By Mimi Mays, Editor in Chief


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