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Opinion: No Parade Limits Students’ Corn Experience

Hannah’s Thoughts: “You just have to experience it!” That’s all I was ever told when I went on my first campus tour of Meredith, and this was the response to all of my questions about Cornhuskin’ during the beginning of freshman year. This statement often sounds cliche to me, but it is true. There’s nothing like developing a can art design with peers in your class, dancing your heart out in the amphitheater when the big day finally comes and marching down the main drive for the parade.

When I heard that the parade was cancelled for this year’s Cornhuskin’, my heart broke. I assumed that the parade would be modified due to the pandemic, but I never thought it would be removed entirely.

This is my last Cornhuskin’, and although I am making the most of what elements of Corn I do have, the parade leaves a big void. Since I am a member of the Class of 2022, I also feel like it is our duty and obligation to show the underclassmen and our sweet littles what Corn is truly like. No one has experienced consistent Cornhuskin’ seasons besides 2022, and when we are gone, we want the spirit and passion to continue. When you think about it, the parade is the culminating and most critical moment of Corn. For the two years that I was able to participate in the parade, it always reminded me that Cornhuskin’ isn’t about who wins the skits and dances—it’s about the people you are doing it with. Isn’t this the mentality that Meredith hopes to foster in our newer students?

Rachel’s Thoughts: As a member of the Class of 2023, I have only had the opportunity to experience the Cornhuskin’ parade once during my college career. However, from the experience, I have come to conclude that the parade is the most inclusive aspect of Cornhuskin’. As a student who doesn't have time to commit to the dances and skits, the parade was the one part of corn that felt the least time consuming.

During the parade in 2019, I was able to invite my family to be spectators. This allowed them to get an inside look at a tradition that defines my years at Meredith. The parade introduces the themes to spectators, pumps up the classes before the main event and starts the much-beloved tradition that is Cornhuskin’.

Last year, when Cornhuskin’ was held in the spring, they still held the parade for the Class of 2021 and ensured that the tradition was COVID-19 cautious. Why could this tradition not be replicated for the Class of 2022? With our campus vaccination rate being around 85% for both Meredith students and staff and COVID-19 protocols consistently in place, it just begins to seem like the Meredith community is getting cheated, especially the Class of 2022. Traditionally, the parade has been the time to celebrate as the Meredith College community and its guests.

By Hannah Porter, Opinion Editor, and Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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