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OPINION: The Implications of a "High Value Woman"

The notion of a “high value woman” has surged to the forefront of media discourse, most notably through the realms of podcasts and reddit communities. Spearheading this movement are self-proclaimed “Alpha Males” who have positioned themselves as modern dating and self-help gurus. Their teachings have given rise to daunting and often unattainable standards for women. This contentious phrase carries a payload of negative connotations and has permeated all age groups through its pervasive presence in the media landscape. Most troubling, these ideals seemed to be aimed directly at young and impressionable individuals, a demographic often ill-equipped to discern the pernicious from constructive in media messaging. This pervasive issue warrants our collective concern due to its imposition of unrealistic expectations, it pushes heteronormative values on the future generations, objectification of women, and the perpetuation of gender inequality.

The concept of a “high value woman” carries with it a plethora of conflicting expectations. These expectations include having a so-called “perfect” physique without setting foot in a gym, maintaining one’s virginity while simultaneously excelling in matters of intimacy, and achieving wealth while remaining unemployed. Falling short of these stringent criteria often leads to the harsh label of unworthiness. Interestingly, such exacting standards do not apply to the archetype of the “Alpha Male,” revealing a significant double standard.

The growing societal fascination with the phrase “high value woman” has infiltrated media channels, exerting potentially damaging effects on the mental health and self-esteem of countless women. Many end up feeling inadequate due to the relentless promotion of these unrealistic ideals. The National Library of Medicine delves into the gender related aspects of psychological well-being, and their research underscores that women consistently score higher than men in positive relations with others. Simultaneously, women tend to score lower than men in measures of self-acceptance and autonomy, although this autonomy gap appears to diminish as individuals enter the later stages of adulthood, as evidenced in the Karasawa et al. study.

With so many individuals exposed to such content, it becomes a matter of concern whether these ideologies are being forced upon people or if individuals are consuming them voluntarily. Regardless, the promotion of such distressing ideas is unquestionably perilous. A healthier perspective for the impressionable minds of young individuals involves cultivating a sense of self-acceptance and self worth that isn't tethered to arbitrary standards.

The concept of the “high-value woman” is not only hypercritical but it also often assumes a heteronormative perspective, focusing on qualities that are desirable to men. It disregards the fact that not all women are seeking male partners. This exclusionary approach alienates a significant portion of the population and reinforces stereotypes that limit the diversity of human experiences and relationships. The phrase “high value woman” implies that there is a hierarchy where some women are more valuable than others which reflects outdated notions that women must conform to a specific standard. Such labels undermine any progress made towards gender equality. This insane ideology promotes women competing with one another to achieve a certain status in order to be partner eligible.

These ideologies are essentially reducing a woman's worth to a set of traits and characteristics. The language exhibited by the “Alpha Males” is not only dehumanizing but it also reinforces a harmful notion that a woman's worth or value is determined solely by her adherence to a predefined checklist. Women should not be reduced to a set of attributes. Women are complex, beautiful individuals who have unique qualities that should be celebrated. True value lies in embracing one’s unique qualities, vulnerabilities and strengths. Empowerment comes from being unapologetically yourself not from conforming to a preconceived notion of value.

The phrase “high-value woman” perpetuates negative implications for women and society as a whole. It objectifies women, reinforces gender inequality, imposes unrealistic expectations and makes heteronormative assumptions. It is time to abandon this label in favor of a more inclusive and empowering approach that recognizes the worth of every individual, regardless of their gender or the qualities they possess. Let us champion authenticity, self-acceptance and the breaking down of societal constructs that limit the true potential of all individuals.

By Lys Evans, Contributing Writer



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