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What Should I Read Next?

     Book lovers, readers, and literary thinkers of all stripes will love this casual, conversational podcast about, you guessed it, what the listener should read next. In each episode, host Anne Bogel will “talk all things books and reading, and do a little literary matchmaking with one guest.” Bogel asks guests to talk about their bookish lives, then tell her three books they love, one book they hate (or one book that didn’t work for them, as many guests prefer to say), and what they’re reading at the moment. Then, she gives them three or more book recommendations based on their list.

    The podcast is gentle, occasionally funny, and always a joy for anyone who loves books and enjoys building their to-be-read list. For even more literary content, Anne also runs a blog, titled “The Modern Mrs. Darcy”, and an Instagram for herself and the podcast.

Reviewed by Emily Chilton, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Adult Sh1t

     “We f*ck up so you don’t have to” is the tagline of Buzzfeed producers Kelsey Darragh and Kate Peterman’s weekly podcast, “Adult Sh1t”. Their first episode premiered on Oct 26, 2017, and since then the California-based content creators have covered topics like mental health and eating disorders, sleeping with coworkers, chronic pain, f*ckbois, sexual consent, and more. As twenty-somethings, Kelsey and Kate are relatively well-off, being stably employed and in decent health, but still experience the ups and downs of millennial life…and they share their adventures and failures with the world. Their advice is poignant, relevant, and always guaranteed to produce a laugh—perfect for the lost but confident young woman trying to make it in the complex social, romantic, (sexual), and professional world. “Adult Sh1t” is published every Thursday and is available on the Apple podcast app, iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube (warning: mature content).

Reviewed by Mimi Mays, Staff Writer


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