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Rating the Academic Building Lounges

Business Lounge (1st Harris)

***** Pluses: coffee-maker, nice chairs

Minuses: not easy to find

Dance Lounge (1st Weatherspoon)


Pluses: candy

Minuses: cluttered, small

Honors Lounge (1st Joyner)


Pluses: many seating and table options, convenient location, microwave and fridge

Minuses: foot traffic

Joyner Lounge (1st Joyner)


Pluses: comfortable seating

Minuses: next to the bathroom, often too warm

Secret Ledford Spot (3rd Ledford)


Pluses: secluded, not crowded, tables and couches

Music Lounge (1st Wainwright)

** Pluses: mini-fridge and microwave, pretty view

Minuses: noise pollution, few seating options

Rotunda Lounge (1st Martin)


Pluses: lots of table and chair space, well lit, pretty, vending machines

Minuses: foot traffic, near bathrooms

SMB Lounge (2nd SMB)

**** Pluses: nice couches and tables, chalkboards and whiteboard

Minuses: always cold

Sociology Lounge (2nd Joyner)


Pluses: chargers, computers, printer, TV on mute, seating options, microwave and fridge

Minuses: sometimes used by teachers

Secret SMB Spot (3rd SMB)


Pluses: not as cold as other SMB areas, benches, whiteboard, not crowded

Minuses: next to elevator room (noisy)

Theatre Lounge (1st Jones)


Minuses: small, few seating options, sometimes locked

Ledford Lounge (1st Ledford)


Pluses: comfortable couch, vending machine, magazines

Minuses: small, cramped

What do you think of our lounge ratings? Check our social media to tell us about your favorite lounging spots. Check our next issue for reviews of study spaces in non-academic buildings!


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