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Rave Panic Button

WRAL  recently posted information about a new safety communication staff in Wake County schools. This system is called the Rave Panic Button and alarm system. This app can be downloaded onto staff members' phones and allow them to “communicate instantly during a threat and lockdown a school in seconds,” the article explains. 

Currently, there are plans to begin use of the app throughout 28 different schools randomly selected during the Spring of 2024, from there there are plans to roll out use to an additional 200 schools this upcoming Fall explains CBS17.  As different schools begin to use the app, there will be staff training in how to use the app to ensure its effectiveness. 

Writer T. Keung Hui from the News and Observer explains how to use the app throughout schools. Basically, the app allows for emergency operation plans, evacuation routes, floor plans, and other important information to be added. The app will allow staff members to press a ‘panic button’ which will alert police, fire, medical, or others depending on the emergency they select. Along with this, the app will provide emergency services with their exact location along with other staff members at the school. 

With this app entering public schools throughout the Wake County area, students provided their opinions on the app and their thoughts on incorporating it into colleges and private institutions, such as Meredith College, would benefit from the app to allow for easy communication between all staff members and ensure quick and easy access to emergency services. 

Madison Daugherty, ‘27, “believe[s] that this panic button will be very beneficial for schools as well as colleges and universities.” She explains that “more tragedies are unfortunately happening in  schools” and as a student,  she believes that she  “would feel safer knowing the panic button was in use.” Along with this, Daughterty feels that “it is also a good idea for the teachers to be aware of different safety routes and precautions to take and it will all be available on the [app] for them to quickly refresh their memory in case it is needed.” 

This sentiment and its effectiveness was shared among other students as well. Karla,  ‘27, explained that her friend was previously harassed while leaving the library late one night. She explains that having access to something in which can alert all staff on campus to be aware of this is a good idea. Carleigh Smith,  ‘27, likes this idea as well, specifically sharing that she likes the idea of staff having access to this. 

In conclusion, the introduction of the Rave Panic Button and alarm system in Wake County schools may be a significant step towards good safety and emergency preparedness within educational institutions. As outlined by WRAL News and T. Keung Hui from the News and Observer, the app provides staff members with a vital tool to communicate instantly during threats and streamline emergency response procedures. With plans to expand its implementation to numerous schools, coupled with comprehensive staff training, the app suggests the potential for encouraging learning environments that have additional measures for ensuring campus and student safety.

By Miriya Carson, Staff Writer

Graphic by Shae-lynn Henderson, EIC



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