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RBG Screening and Food Truck Eating

On Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019, Meredith College hosted a screening of RBG, the documentary, at the McIver Amphitheater for Meredith students, staff, alumnae and guests. With RBG’s visit to campus being right around the corner, this was a perfect way to get everyone excited, as well as educate them on her life and the court system.

The documentary covered everything from RBG’s personal life and accomplishments to the substantial effort she put toward fighting for gender equality in the United States. There were several moments when the film evoked laughter and cheers from the audience in response to Ginsburg’s remarks and accomplishments.

The audience also learned about her hardships, including how she fought through rough times as a law student, a wife, a mother and a female lawyer. Although there were times she was nervous or felt like she was educating men on sex discrimination, she never let anyone stop her from taking a stand.

There are many reasons RBG is inspiring and important to young woman, and at the screening, Meredith students shared why they feel this way. Priyanka Rai, Class of 2023, explained that she finds RBG inspiring because she is an independent and strong woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself and others. Something else that the documentary showcased well was Ginsburg’s friendship with the late Justice Scalia. Madison Parker, Class of 2022, admires RBG for this because even though “there are two sides to everything, she didn’t let that stop her from forming relationships within her political career.”

Meredith students also agree that learning about RBG and the United States justice system is valuable to our generation. Whitney Pepper, Class of 2020, explained that it is “incredibly important to recognize a role model like RBG” because the justice system “has not always been in favor of protecting women and civil rights.” Bringing everyone together to watch the documentary and learn about RBG as a community on campus was also impactful, and Talia Leiopold, Class of 2023, commented on how amazing it was to see Meredith students, staff and alumnae gather for this event. An excited Corinne Zibell, Class of 2023, also commented on the welcoming atmosphere, saying, “I just love how we’re all out here with blankets and food together.” It seems fitting to say that screening the RBG documentary as a family was the best way we could have kicked off the RBG events.

The amphitheatre filled up quickly as the sun began to set, and everyone settled in with lawn chairs, blankets, good food and friends. Before the screening began, Dr. Rebecca Duncan graciously recognized and awarded the five Meredith students who won the RBG essay contest, and she shared a few memorable quotes from their essays. Then the RBG t-shirts made an appearance, and students were eager to catch them as they were launched into the audience. The t-shirts were made to resemble the black robes the Supreme Court justices wear with a design of Justice Ginsburg’s iconic white detailed collar near the neckline. As the outdoor lights dimmed and the chatter dwindled, the film began.

By Katelyn Wiszowaty, Staff Writer


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