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Section Editor Reflection: Features

The purpose of the Features section is to produce Raleigh or Meredith-centric content typically containing interviews. The Features section of The Herald is committed to providing the Meredith community with accurate, timely information on things happening on and around campus. As 2022 comes to a close and the fall semester wraps up, it is fitting to reflect on accomplishments and highlights from the Features section of The Herald this semester.

The Herald covered content ranging from security concerns to housing experiences to ring dinner to Cornhuskin’ and much more. Our Features content sparked conversations across campus and incited change and a response from Residence Life. None of what we accomplished with the Features section of The Herald could have been done without our Meredith Community readers and support.

In the upcoming semester, our hope is that the Features section will continue to engage the Meredith community and provide honest, well-researched, relevant reporting. Our Herald Reporters carry themselves with grace and honesty and I look forward to working with our Herald staff as I step away from the Features section and into an Associate Editor role. Through education, respect and willingness to explore, the Features section of the Herald will thrive and continue to fulfill its mission.

Editing for The Herald for the past year and a half has helped me to engage better with the Meredith community and grow as a person into the writer I am today. Stepping into this new role comes with greater responsibility and I look forward to fulfilling the position to the best of my ability.

Student willingness to interview with us at the drop of a hat and to voice concerns for us to investigate situations around campus is truly a gift. The Herald sincerely thanks you for reading, picking up and engaging with the publication in every way that you continue to do. The Features section of The Herald would not be the same without you.

By Freya Dahlgren, Features Editor



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