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Section Editor Reflection: Opinion

Opinions—we all have them, but not everyone has the platform to share them. The Meredith Herald serves as the voice for students at Meredith and has worked diligently to provide that platform since the newspaper's inception in 1921.

In the April 22, 1921 edition of The Twig (former name of The Meredith Herald), the first-ever student opinion shared as an article was published. The article detailed the recent dismissal of compulsory Sunday school and attendance of Sunday service. A decision that at the time garnered several opinions on the change.

Most recently, The Herald has published opinions on buildings on campus needing improvement, the dangers of assuming student voting habits, Legends nightclub experiences as a queer person and so much more. At The Herald, we seek to identify and diversify the opinions that truly matter to students.

While I serve as the Associate Editor, this semester I have also been in charge of opinion editions. As a fourth-year staff member, I know firsthand the value of having my opinions heard. The first opinion article I wrote and felt personally connected to was titled “ Meredith in Memoriam'' and stressed my concerns about how students were handling the COVID-19 pandemic at the time. Without The Herald, I would have been left feeling unheard at a time when I felt my voice mattered. The Opinion section is a safe space for students of all backgrounds to share their ideas in a published space.

The Herald encourages everyone to share their opinions, regardless of if they’re on staff! If you are interested in writing an opinion you can submit your piece after reading the Article Submission contract on our website.

By Rachel Van Horne, Associate Editor


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