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Sending Away Your Seniors With Love

- By Haley Ivey, Contributing Writer -

It is graduation season here at Meredith College and, as if we aren’t already stressed enough about exams, final projects and grades, there is also a looming question hanging over our heads: what to get our graduating senior for graduation? Here are some ideas and tips for those of you who are stumped like the rest of us.

1. Get that Meredith gear! All the soon-to-be graduates have worked hard to be able to wear that shirt in the student store that says “Alumna,” and they would love to be able to rock it as soon as they take off that maroon robe.

2. Who doesn’t love a good gift card? Go to your senior’s favorite store, restaurant, coffee shop or ice cream place, and get them a gift card of any amount to help them save money when they are moving on into the real world.

3. Speaking of adulting, all of our favorite seniors are about to enter the real world! Get them gifts that will help them navigate their way through the rough waters. Planners, travel mugs, lunch totes and of course emergency chocolate and bath bombs for the hard days.

4. Remind them of their memories at MC! Get a cute picture frame and put your favorite picture of the two of you in it so they can carry it with them everywhere after college!

5. Life is rough, but we do not want our seniors to stress about it, so get them a gift that helps take the edge off. For example, adult coloring books, writing prompt/regular journals or adult sticker books. These will all help them relieve stress and will be fun!

6. If you want something meaningful that relates to MC, head over to Etsy and order a necklace or bracelet with the coordinates for Meredith! This way, your senior will always carry her alma mater with her.

7. Stationary items! Whether your senior is starting a new job or a graduate program, stationary items are always useful! Who doesn’t need pens, tape, and scissors? Stationary items are like groceries: things we all need but hate spending our own money on, so get them for your favorite senior!

8. The best gifts are from the heart and not from the pocketbook! Make your favorite senior something to show them how much you love them! A painting, a cute pot for a plant, a scrapbook of your memories or any cute DIY project that will show your senior how much you appreciate them and how much you will miss them!

No matter what gift you decide to get your favorite senior for graduation, the only thing that truly matters is the love and thought behind it. As we watch the class of 2019 lift their wings and fly away, our only goal should be to make sure they are doing so with love, support and confidence. Whether you are saying goodbye to your big, your friend, your sister or a mentor, it is going to be bittersweet. Be proud of your senior, be thankful you got to share the Meredith experience with them and know that they will go into their next chapter in life with strength. Class of 2019, we are so proud of you!


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