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Senior Shoutouts

Members of the Class of 2023 celebrate after their Cornhuskin' win on Nov. 5, 2022 (Photo courtesy of Alina Avellaneda)

As the academic year draws to a close, Meredith College is gearing up to celebrate its soon-to-be graduates. The Herald reached out to members of the Class of 2023 and invited them to submit messages of appreciation, gratitude and recognition for the people who have made a difference during their time at Meredith.

“Dr. Serr–She has been one of my biggest supporters here at Meredith. I can talk to her about academics along with my personal life, and she has been someone who I can rely on for great advice. I will miss her a lot!

Dr. Leonard–She has been my favorite professor during my time at Meredith. Her class is challenging but she makes it fun! I can talk to her about anything and she is very approachable. I will miss her dearly.

Dr. Andrus–He has been an amazing advisor. Dr. Andrus wants the best for his advisors during their time at Meredith as well as afterwards. He has helped me tremendously with knowledge in the professional world. Thank you Dr. Andrus!” — Emilee Wolfe ‘23

“A huge thank you for all of the wonderful mentors within the Communications Department. Shoutout to all the wonderful women that have influenced and supported me consecutively. Love Y'all Big Time!” — Sarah Moore ‘23

“I would love to shoutout Anthony Reid for all he has done for the senior class of the Social Work department! He has been so helpful in helping me become a confident social worker. I appreciate all that he has done for me and everyone in the Social Work department! All Hail King Anthony!” — Emily Lambert ‘23

“Thank you for such an amazing year. You gave so much love, time and effort beyond what is expected of an instructor. We are blessed to have had you as a teacher!” — Kari Alberque ‘23

“I would like to thank my mom and dad for believing in me. Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today!” — Ivy Nguyen ‘23

“Thank you to all the organizations and students on campus who helped to put on amazing events for the student body. This is the first year that has felt "normal" in a while. Thank you for your effort, it has been seen and appreciated!” — Alexandria Rosenzweig ‘23

“Thank you Dr. Novak and Dr. Fountain for the amazing journey I've had in history, and thank you Music Department for the wonderful community I've become a part of with y'all! Love you and I can't wait to see where all of y'all soar in the future!” — Gwyneth R. Thomas ‘23

“A huge thanks to the Department of World Languages & Cultures for all of their support! Gracias Profe. DeBellis por ser la mejor consejera! Gracias Dr. Wade por animarme siempre a dar lo mejor de mí. Y gracias Dra. Maldonado por sus consejos y apoyo.” — Montse Hernandez Hernandez ‘23

“Sarah, Morgan, and Sadie–I can't quote the full text of 'Long Live' here, but let me just say: I've had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.” — Kate Polaski ‘23

“Grey, We love you and are so proud of you! This is a great milestone! We are looking forward to watching you grow in the next chapter of your life!” — Dad & Camilla

“I want to shout out to my 3 amazing friends — Aminah, Charlie and Rayna. I love y’all so much and I am so thankful that in the end, I found you.” —Amanda Duran

“Thank you to the English and Education Departments for all you have taught me these past four years! I cannot wait to use what I have learned to teach my future middle schoolers the tools to read, write, and communicate! I have learned not only how to teach my students the tools of ELA, but I have also learned how to show my students the compassion and respect they deserve in a classroom!” — Brooklynn Watkins ‘23

“My shoutout is to Morgan Maddocks! I have gotten to know Morgan over the last two years, and she has become one of my greatest friends. She is incredibly intelligent, kind, and is now my wonderful podcast co-host! I cannot wait to see all the amazing things she does.” — Haileigh West ‘24

“Bob from Meredith Campus Security is always putting a smile on our faces. It has been really great getting to know him over the last four years.” -Rayna, Amanda and Jackson

“Aminah Jenkins has completely changed the way The Herald functions throughout their time in the publication, but especially as Editor in Chief. They made it a safe space for students who need help and also a source of good on this campus. Throughout their time, they have faced blatant racism and opposition, but continue to do this important work on campus.” — Charlie Hatch ‘23

Responses compiled By Ana Osipovi, Contributing Writer


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