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"Skating into the Semester" with Tech Services

Graphic courtesy of @meredith_tech on Instagram

This semester, Meredith Technology Services will be hosting “Skating into the Semester” on Jan. 24 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in the Cate Center Alcove. The winter-themed mini tech fair will address a series of topics to help students navigate the different technological tools that Meredith’s campus has to offer.

Lauren Hickey, Meredith’s Student Technology Outreach Coordinator, shared that this is an event “for all Meredith students in their first or last semester” and included that graduate and certificate students should also attend. Students can learn more about the different platforms offered at Meredith by visiting the variety of tables, which include stations that cover “Campus Software, On-Campus Printing and tools to help students with their coursework, including Infobase, Kaltura and Google Drive.” Hickey also recommended that those graduating in May attend the event to learn more about what happens to your Meredith accounts after graduation, as well as other things to consider.

Additionally, the Helpdesk and Copy Center will also be in attendance to answer questions, giving students an opportunity to “learn more about [their] services for students and get in contact [with them].” Also remember that, the more tables one attends, the more likely one is to win a prize, said Hickey.

If for any reason one cannot visit the fair during this time, Hickey recommended following Tech Services on social media to “stay up to date on more events [Tech Services] hope to have this semester and information about the topics afterward.” Students can also contact Tech Services by email, using or visiting the Noel House during open hours.

By Shae-Lynn Henderson, Features Editor



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