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Spring Traditions Continue at Meredith College

Johnson Hall behind dogwood flowers
Photo courtesy of Meredith College

Spring is in the air, and COVID-19 has lasted through an entire year. Its persistence is leaving several Meredith College traditions to be reinvented with health and safety in mind. Once again, students have been left to wonder, how will traditions take place?

For freshman and any first year identifying students, Fire and Water will take place on Thursday, April 29. The Class of 2024 theme is “Into the Light,” and the outdoor main event will include a meal, a virtual program including a special keynote speaker, a slideshow, entertainment, a socially distanced Fire and Water ceremony and a dessert. Participation options include attending completely virtually, doing a meal pick up on campus or visiting the Fire and Water trail.

The Class of 2023 decided to postpone their Tea For Two tradition; however, their co-chairs have been hard at work planning a small tea tasting event as a substitute. This substitute event will take place on Thursday, April 29 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Cate Student Center. Anyone who RSVP’d will be able to come at their designated time slot and pick up their tea sampler and complimentary gift.

The Classes of 2022 and 2021 were recently able to participate in the spring Crook Hunt. From April 21 to 28, juniors can search Meredith's campus looking for the legendary crook. On April 22, juniors Lauren Hales and Cristin Boswell found the crook near the Dickson Foundation Community Garden, meaning that the hunt for the real crook is over. However, fake crooks are also hidden around campus and can be turned in to Student Leadership & Service for a prize. Students searching for the crook or fake crooks are required to search only in pairs with those they live with. Students who participate in this tradition will also receive a button to commemorate their experience in Crook Hunt 2021. All hints and other information can be found on the @crookhunt2021 Instagram page.

Meredith’s spring formal is normally held at the Marriott in Raleigh, but this year it was held outside in the courtyard between SMB and the Cate StudentCenter on April 17. Instead of the usual dance, its theme was “Neon Night” and participants each received a complimentary “grab and glow kit.” Even though it was less formal than originally planned, students were still able to enjoy a dance party.

This year, Class Days for the Classes of 2020 and 2022 and the Classes of 2021 and 2023 will be staggered and masks will be worn. Social distancing will also be required. Class Day ceremonies for the Classes of 2020 and 2022 will be held on May 1 and May 2. Class Day ceremonies for the Classes of 2021 and 2023 will be held Friday, May 14 between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m., and there will be multiple ceremonies during this time slot. Daisy chain numerals for the Class of 2020 will be created by the Class of 2022 on April 30, and numerals for the Class of 2021 will be created by the Class of 2023 the morning of May 14. Any questions regarding Class Day for the Classes of 2020 and 2022 can be directed to Madison Parker and Kate Dittmann. Questions regarding Class Day for the Classes of 2021 and 2023 can be directed to Miranda Bohl, Maggie Best and Katie Thompson.

Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2020 will be held on Saturday, May 1 at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., and Sunday, May 2 at 11 a.m. Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2021 will be held on Saturday, May 15, at 8:30 a.m. and 11 a.m., and again at the same times on Sunday, May 16. A sign up form has been sent out, and graduating students should fill out the form and choose a time to attend. As the ceremonies are staggered, they will be held in person in Meredith’s courtyard beside Johnson Hall. Each graduate is allowed two guests and may fill out a request form for one additional ticket, and a streaming component is being worked out for family and friends who cannot attend in person. Hooding Ceremonies for graduate students will be held Saturday, May 8. For the most current information, links and additional details, visit Meredith's Commencement page.

By Rachel Van Horne, News Editor, and Julia Langenderfer, Contributing Writer


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