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Staff Spotlight

Maybe you are familiar with these women working on Meredith’s Campus, or perhaps you have chatted with them since they offer a welcoming smile to students. To show these staff members appreciation, The Herald  chose to  feature Deborah Greene, housekeeping second shift team leader, and Sonya Grimsley, lead housekeeper and dining hall supervisor. 

Deborah Greene, affectionately known as Miss Deborah, mainly works in Lux hall as a housekeeper and also fills in to work in other buildings whenever help is needed. This September Miss Debroah will have worked at Meredith College for 16 years. Before coming to Meredith, Miss Deborah shared that she worked a few temporary jobs and before being hired, had wanted to work at Meredith for a while. Miss Deborah describes having faced many challenges in reaching Meredith, and was hired in 2007 for a temporary position as a housekeeper to clean the residence halls before students moved in for the next school year. The following year, during the Spring of 2008, she was hired permanently in the position she now fills. 

Sonya Grimsley covers  two roles on Meredith’s campus namely; working the morning shift as a housekeeper in the residence halls and afternoons in the dining hall. After her first interview for a job at Meredith College, Ms. Grimsley shared that the College had stopped hiring at the time and  so she decided to work at Burt’s Bees. About four months into working at Burt’s Bees she was called back for another interview, joking that she had “forgot about the job [at Meredith]” and has worked at Meredith ever since. Grimsley has worked as a housekeeper for fifteen years and has spent the past nine years working in the dining hall as well. 

Miss Deborah explained that during her temporary position in 2007, she was able to meet people that she enjoyed and continued to do so after she was hired permanently. She makes it her goal to do things “for the benefit” of everyone that she encounters and to help out in any way that she can. Miss Deborah shared that she feels that her purpose on campus is to serve as a “beacon” and as “guidance” for those who need it. Her favorite part about working at Meredith is getting to meet the incoming first-year students and watching them grow and adjust to life in college. Miss Deborah added that she also enjoyed being able to take part in Meredith traditions. Additionally, when asked about her favorite part of working at Meredith, Grimsley stated that she loves the students without hesitation. Both Ms. Grimsley and Miss Deborah affectionately referred to Meredith students as their babies and expressed fondness towards the Meredith community and their interactions with Meredith students. 

Outside of work, Grimsley enjoys going to the beach and tries to go multiple times during the summer. However, since picking up hours at work, she has found it difficult to go to the beach as much as she would like to. Aside from that, Grimsley added that she wants to visit Las Vegas at some point. Miss Deborah shared that her favorite thing to do is listen to gospel music and she listens to it everywhere whether she is at work, in the car or at home. She explained that gospel music “keeps [her] grounded” and “helps [her] cope.” In addition to that, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and doing things like window shopping or going out to eat. 

These women have contributed to the atmosphere of Meredith College through their work as housekeepers and dining hall staff as well as  their general outlook and perspective.. Both women shared fond memories of when they were first hired at Meredith College and continue to enjoy meeting new people every year.

By: Elaina Irving, Reporter 


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