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Student Profile: Naomi Hill

Naomi Hill smiling at Meredith
Photo courtesy of Naomi Hill

Naomi Hill, ‘21, is an interpersonal communication major and a triple minor in professional writing, political science and pre-law. Hill spoke to The Meredith Herald about her experiences at Meredith and her plans after graduation.

When asked why she decided to attend Meredith, Hill shares, “I ended up choosing Meredith because of how I felt when I visited I would be a name here instead of a number.” Hill adds that the encounters she’s had with some of the faculty at Meredith greatly influenced her decision because of how they responded to her aspirations for the future. “They immediately began telling me of ways I could accomplish [my goals]...being both supportive and motivating. That was the first time someone other than my parents [invested] in me academically, and it felt really powerful,” she remarks.

Hill is currently the Student Government Association (SGA) President, and she dedicates most of her time to this organization. In previous years, Hill founded the Angels for Disability Advocacy (ADA) club and has been a StrongPoints ambassador. She has also served as a Fire and Water Dinner Co-Chair and fundraising chair for her class.

When asked about unique experiences she cherishes, Hill responds, “Meredith has allowed me to do some incredible things and interact with some amazing people.” She continues, “There are three [experiences] that stand out the most [and have] fundamentally shaped my college experience. One of them was being on the Lillian Parker Wallace Committee and helping organize Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s visit. Having the honor of meeting her and hearing her speak [is] something I will remember for the rest of my life.” Hill recalls studying abroad in Paris as another fond experience; she says that Paris “became [her] home.” Being SGA President is the third college-defining experience that Hill shares. Hill also says her favorite class she has taken at Meredith is Moot Court because “the class gave [her] a different kind of academic stimulation and gratification that felt so refreshing.”

Hill also shared some of her personal interests with The Herald. “I love reading. One of my favorite things I got from my mom was her love of books and her ability to speed read,” she says. “I also love hiking and walking with people I love…it’s my time where they’re trapped and have to chat with me — an extrovert’s dream.” She adds, “I’m an obsessive Googler and tend to argue for fun — to anyone who has been privy to this, my sincere apologies.”

Hill says that she would tell her freshman-year self that “things will mostly work themselves out.” She explains, “I would also say [to] surround yourself with good, honest, kind people who care for you…those are the friendships that end up meaning the most.” Hill also emphasizes that “asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, and people want to help you.” Lastly, Hill says, “Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in because it matters.”

Following her graduation from Meredith, Hill will be deciding between two job opportunities. She says, “I will be staying in Raleigh for at least a year while I apply to law school.”

By Caroline Garland, Contributing Writer


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