Student Spring Break Opinions

Photo courtesy of Meredith College

The Meredith Herald recently sent out a survey to gauge students’ opinions on different options for Spring Break 2021. The administration at Meredith sent out an email on Nov. 11 stating that they “intend to hold spring break from Monday, March 15 through Sunday, March 21, but that could change depending on disruptions from COVID-19.” The staff of The Herald wanted to make sure that students’ voices were heard when making decisions about their semester, so a survey was fielded from Tuesday, Nov. 10 to Friday, Nov. 13.

After a total of 198 students were surveyed and the data was analyzed, it was concluded that 73.7 percent of students prefer a multi-day, continuous spring break. On the other hand, 26.3 percent of students prefer multiple spread out wellness days during the semester. Below is a chart depicting these results.

Meredith students were informed that changes to the Spring 2021 calendar “could be made at any time during the academic year.” Meredith has also advised students not to make any travel plans for the break in order to keep the campus community safe. For students who have any questions or concerns regarding the Spring 2021 semester, they can email

By Freya Dahlgren and Hannah Porter, Staff Writers

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