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Tea for Two: Traditions of Love

The Tea for Two tablescape
Photo by Savi Swiggard

Beginning in 1991, Tea for Two is an honored tradition for sophomores at Meredith College. The tradition is meant to bring together students and the important female mentors in their lives. On Mar. 30, the 28th annual Tea for Two featured a “practically perfect” Mary Poppins theme at North Ridge Country Club. The event included delicious food, a book drive, photo booths, a Meredith alumna speaker and a show of love from mentor to student.

Setting the stage for a high emotion event, speaker Zelle Wiggins recounted how important her mother was in her path towards starting her own business. She expressed how thrilled she was to experience Tea for Two with her mother, which she had missed out on during her time as a student at Meredith. Emotions only rose from there. Following the speaker, Meredith moms and mentors handed their students cards full of memories and care that sent the room into tears of joy and sentimentality.

When asked about it, students expressed a deep love for the meaning of the event. “I chose to bring the biggest inspirational and extraordinary lady [in] my life—[my] mother—who is my absolute best friend [and] favorite travel buddy,” explained Katie Thompson. “I loved getting to match [hats] with my mother and enjoy an outing with her that honored not only the Meredith College sisterhood, but also the empowerment that my empowered mother brought to me.”

Ashleigh Murr added, “Tea for Two was such a special event for my mom and me. It was one of my favorite traditions so far! We were both impressed with the decor, location and favors.” She went on to explain, “The speaker was fabulous and motivating, and the time for the female mentor to give their student a special note was sentimental and memorable. Overall, the experience made my sophomore year more enjoyable.”

Ultimately, the event went off without a hitch and left behind a room of sophomores feeling closer than ever to the important women in their lives.

By Savi Swiggard, Staff Writer


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