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The Class of 2025 Prepares for Meredith

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Photo by Elinor Shelp-Peck

In just a few weeks, the Class of 2025 will be joining the sisterhood at Meredith College. The Meredith Herald spoke to incoming freshmen students and asked them what they are most excited or nervous about in regards to their first year as Meredith students. Following are some of their responses.

“[I’m excited for] meeting new people and making amazing memories!”

- Brianna Long

“I’m excited to be independent for the first time! It’s also kind of nerve-wracking, but Meredith seems like a great place to start since they have so many support programs, and everyone I’ve worked with so far has been so kind. I’m also looking forward to all of the traditions Meredith has since it’s such a small school; I feel like I’ll get the full experience without becoming overwhelmed.”

- Natalie Baker

“I’m most excited to be surrounded by people that are accepting, loving and determined, but I am nervous about the classes.”

- Evelyn Summers

“I’m excited to be on my own and to meet amazing people! But I’m nervous it will be extremely hard to live without my family, and [I’m] nervous about the classes too!”

- Jennifer Ramirez

“I’m most excited to meet new people!”

- Megan Thomas

“[I’m excited about] getting to meet all of my friends in person!”

- Madelyne Comley

“I’m honestly really excited because it’ll be a new change of scenery by moving to a different state and having a sense of independence.”

- Ariel Tickett

“I am the most excited about traveling and studying abroad.”

- Vivianne Gay

“I’m extremely excited about all of the work possibilities! I haven’t even started classes yet and I’m already seeing potential paths I could go down that will lead me to success. I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

- Rory Hennessey

By Hadleigh John, Contributing Writer


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