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The Colton Review Reveal on CSA Day

Graphic courtesy of The Colton Review

This year's edition of The Colton Review will be revealed as part of Celebrating Student Achievement (CSA) Day. The reveal will be on April 7 from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. in Kresge Auditorium. Meredith community members will also have the option of attending the reveal via Zoom. The Herald had the chance to talk with The Colton Review’s Co-Editors, Olivia Slack, ‘22, and Krista Wiese, ‘22, about what to expect from the upcoming reveal.

“We're so excited to unveil Volume 18 of The Colton Review and display all of the hard work completed by our art and literary staff this year,” Slack stated.

“[During the reveal] my co-editor…and I will talk about the publication, the winners of our…awards will read excerpts of their works and either hard copies or electronic copies of the publication will be available,” Wiese said. “We will also have cupcakes to celebrate this exciting event.”

When asked about common themes that emerged among the submitted works of The Colton Review this year, Wiese said, Every year, we are excited to see what themes will emerge from the submissions we receive. This year, we received more fantasy, science fiction and magical realism than ever before.”

“We think the amount of genre fiction we've received is indicative of our community's desire to explore other worlds and other versions of the self,” Slack added. “We're hopeful that our readers will be able to find some value in the way our writing this year encourages new vantage points and new understandings of the world.”

Students can get involved in The Colton Review reveal by “showing up to celebrate with us,” Wiese said.

“This event is a celebration of the creativity and hard work of the Meredith community,” Wiese explained. “Support the winners of our prose and poetry awards by being in the audience when they read their work, and take home a copy or two of this year's publication to read in your own time and share with friends and family.”

Students interested in joining The Colton Review can reach out to

By Haileigh West, Staff Writer


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