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The Positive Impact Dr. Frederickson Left on Meredith College

- By Ashley Ricks, Staff Writer -

While at Meredith, it is impossible to forget how strong women really are. Meredith College has an annual designated event to celebrate an accomplished woman: the Woman of Achievement Lecture. This includes an award given to a woman who exemplifies leadership, community service, entrepreneurship, visionary thinking, and philanthropy. Every year, the woman chosen for this award is an inspirational role model to all Meredith students. On Tuesday, Feb. 20, Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson received the 2018 Woman of Achievement Award. Dr. Frederickson is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience and director of the Positive Emotions and Psychophysiology Lab at UNC-Chapel Hill. As a positive psychologist, Dr. Frederickson has written multiple books, including Positivity and Love 2.0, both of which focus on the role positivity and connectivity can play in our daily lives. Dr. Frederickson has done phenomenal research and has contributed to the body of academic knowledge on positive psychology by publishing several articles.

Listening to Dr. Frederickson’s lecture was truly eye-opening for audience members since she talked about positive events that happen to people everyday, such as laughing with someone and hugging someone. Positivity can occur in many forms, even if only for a second. Dr. Frederickson argues these small positive moments in our life can broaden awareness, increase creativity, make people more open, be more inclusive, and even improve people’s health. Love and compassion, both of which are positive emotions, is just as much a vitamin for the mind and body as superfoods are. Dr. Frederickson emphasized that quality of life can be improved if someone accepts love and connectedness in their life.

The Woman of Achievement Lecture given by Dr. Frederickson proved how powerful those little positive moments in life can be. Being a pessimist not only dampens the mood, but Dr. Frederickson proved that it can also affect people’s health in a negative way. It is often so easy to think negatively, especially when stressed out, but Dr. Frederickson offered new insight on how to change that way of thinking. A powerful quote said by Dr. Frederickson is “the only path out of despair is to bring in hope.” Anyone could have gained useful information from Dr. Frederickson’s lecture. Due to Dr. Frederickson’s lecture, Meredith College is even more of a positive and loving campus.

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