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The Return of In-Person Cornhuskin’

For the first time since 2019, Cornhuskin’ returned to its in-person setting on campus at Meredith College. In addition to Cornhuskin’ including more in-person events this year than it did in 2020, several changes were made for this year’s Cornhuskin’. COVID-19 protocols, improved event accessibility and logistical adjustments were implemented for Cornhuskin’ this year. Additionally, due to forecasted inclement weather on Nov. 6, the original date that Cornhuskin’ was to be held, the main event was moved to the evening of Friday, Nov. 5.

The Office of Student Leadership and Service (SLS) announced the COVID-19 protocols in place for Cornhuskin’ before the Cornhuskin’ season started. These protocols include adherence to Meredith College’s COVID-19 Community Standards, lower capacity at events and pre-registration for activities. Guests, including alumnae/i, were not invited on campus for Cornhuskin’ this year. The exclusion of the Saturday morning parade from Cornhuskin’ 2021 was also meant to decrease the number of people on campus.

Adjustments were also made to hall raids this year. Hall raids now take place earlier in the evening instead of at the traditional times of midnight or 1 a.m. Residential students who have emotional support or service animals were also provided with hall raid schedules before the raids took place in order to accommodate their animals.

Cornhuskin’s main event also took place in two separate groups this year. The freshman and junior classes were able to sit together in McIver Amphitheater for their skits, Hog Callin’ and Tall Tale performances, and the sophomore and senior classes sat together following the odd classes’ performances. While SLS originally had planned to seat every class separately, this decision was made after “careful consideration and looking at the amount of RSVPs” according to SLS.

By Freya Dahlgren, Staff Writer


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