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We Come in Peace!

This summer was all about the hot girls and storming Area 51 (Nevada Test and Training Range). Alien enthusiasts came out to Area 51 to see what the government was hiding from average citizens.

They were surprised to see a quick stepping naruto runner instead of big-eyed aliens. Over 2 million people signed up to storm Area 51 and a little over 3,000 actually showed up, as CNN said to “see them aliens.”

The idea of storming Area 51 is not new. The general public has been curious about what sort of creepy crawlies lurk behind that fence for years; up until 2013, the government denied all allegations that Area 51 even existed.

Their decision to keep it a secret for so long adds to the mystery of it.

Area 51 is said to hold nuclear weapons and is used to run many experiments on alien life forms and their technology.

The government isn't playing around with these allegations of storming the base.

In September, the day before the main event, two Dutch Youtubers were arrested for trespassing, though they had no intention of trying to storm the base; they just wanted to get some photos and leave.

They were arrested as examples and spent three nights in jail. Each had to pay a fine of over $2,000. To people thinking of trying to catch a glimpse of aliens... maybe next time.

By Hannah Brittain-Du Bois, Staff Writer


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