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Web Stars Take on the World

- By Laurie Diggett and Carolina Brust, Staff Writers -

Watch out, stand-up comics, pop artists, and Broadway stars alike. There’s a new form of celebrity on the horizon, and they’re all coming from a place that no one ever would have expected five years ago. YouTube, a site once seen as a place to go for cat videos and fail compilations (although there continues to be an abundance of both), has been taken over by a new generation of visionaries that go beyond the normal model of entertainment that conventional television and film  has long established. Whether they’re performing a cool comedy sketch, walking viewers through a week of their daily life or even reviewing the latest beauty product to be put on Sephora’s shelves, these YouTubers have made a career out of simply having the courage to sit in front of a camera and start talking.

YouTube has been a home for social media influencers from all platforms. When Vine announced they would be shutting down their site in late 2016, their users flocked to YouTube for refuge. Even before then, a few had made the transition in the hopes of broadening their fame past 6 seconds. Their loyal fans soon followed them during the switch and brought a boost to Youtube’s viewer base. Others from Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest have also made their home on the site.

These days, people are looking for their daily dose beyond cable television and towards the online realm. Numerous hours can be spent on one specific site, Youtube, with videos ranging from the educational to the ridiculous.  While the term “YouTuber” has been  in everyday use for a few years now, what is changing is the way these so called YouTubers interact with their followers. These influencers are moving past their computer screens and out into the real world. What started as a few ticketed conventions in major cities like Orlando, Florida, and California have helped these individuals gain enough attention from the mainstream media and potential followers for them to go on tour, showcasing their particular talents whether it be comedy, improv, or a simple question and answer session. These highly profitable ventures have taken them past their respective countries to meet and interact with their fans worldwide, increasing their reach and supporter base.

Not only that, but these Youtubers have also found fame in almost every outlet of the media and across numerous industries. Besides touring, first in their home country, and later worldwide, they have also skyrocketed their fame by making appearances on our television screens and in independent films like Liza Koshy on the Hulu Original show Freakish, signing book deals like Tyler Oakley’s Binge, producing music like Joey Graceffa and his album Don’t Wait , creating a makeup line like beauty guru Michelle Phan’s Em Cosmetics, and more. Any new venture is a chance to make a name for themselves and reach out to any current and future fans.

Youtube comedy duos currently or getting ready to go on tour:

Dan and Phil’s Interactive Introverts: Coming to Greensboro, NC on July 11th at White Oak Amphitheatre. Buy tickets at:

Rhett and Link’s Tour of Mythicality: Tickets at NC are sold out but you still may be able to catch them at another venue. Buy tickets at:

Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko: (No official tickets available yet)


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