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You Can't Spell Cornhuskin' Without U & I

Updated: Mar 10, 2019

- By Teressa Berton, Cornhuskin' Correspondant -

On Friday, November 3, 2017, I took my final bow on the island of the amphitheater during my last Cornhuskin’ as a student. Over the past four years my experience with Cornhuskin’ has become one of the most formative. Whether it be shucking corn (as the reigning first place champ) or dredging through rough late-night practices when all you really want is to sleep, all while knowing that you have a term paper waiting for you when you get home, rushing onto the field with my sisters on Friday made every moment worth it.

Cornhuskin’ is one of Meredith’s strangest traditions, and it’s truly one you have to experience. Through Cornhuskin’ I have become the strong woman I am today. I have learned to be confident in my skills, how to direct my ambitions and how to develop a solid work ethic, but most importantly it taught me about love. I learned to trust my fellow classmates, to listen when others speak and value what people say. I learned about being supported and supporting others in return, being generous with my time, kind with my words, and how to make sacrifices for the good of my class. I love my fellow 2018-ers, little sis classmates- and yes, even the odds too.  

I’ve met many of my dearest friends through Cornhuskin’ and have spent each fall enjoying the most wonderful time of the year, despite what may have been going on in my personal life. Cornhuskin has been a constant for me during some of the harder seasons of my life, from feeling out of place my freshman year to helping me get through the loss of one of my dearest friends to spending my final fall semester with friends. I am eternally grateful for all the memories I have made in the various parking lots around campus, for the afternoon spent hauling cans, but most importantly I’m grateful for the sisters I get to call my own.

As sad as I am see the end of Cornhuskin’ in my student career, I will never forget how I got lost in wonderland with my sisters and all the fun we had doing it.

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