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A Guide To 2020’s Fall Fashions

Photo courtesy of Mental Floss

Searching your closet for an outfit can be a daunting task, but this article highlights some staple items for your fall wardrobe that will help you stay on top of the fashion trends. These items may already be in your closet, or may give you an excuse to go on a shopping spree. Either way, here are some helpful tips for styling fall staples and where to purchase them.

Photo courtesy of H&M

A staple in fall fashion this year is everything leather. From boots to jackets, leather is standing out this fall. Because leather can be expensive, faux leather is a good alternative. Faux leather is less expensive, animal friendly and more durable. Faux leather items can be seen in almost every clothing store, like H&M and Macy’s. The forever popular leather jacket can be styled with a graphic top, jeans and, of course, leather boots. If you’re looking for something more edgy, you can also style a leather jacket with a simple sports bra and black pants.

Cuff sleeved dresses are also very trendy this fall. These dresses sit above the knee, leaving room for long boots and sheer leggings. Adding boots and leggings to the dress is like adding a bow on top of a present because it gives it something extra. The dress you choose can be any color or pattern, but don’t forget that popular colors for fall include mustard yellow, jade green, black, gray, orange and dark purples. Accessories for this fall outfit can include dangling earrings and maybe even a felt hat. This year, American Eagle has a wide selection of cuff sleeved dresses, and sheer leggings can always be found at Walmart for a great price.

Crop tops are seen all year round, but for fall you want to be careful to choose one that is appropriate for the season. Knitted crop tops are perfect not only for the fall weather but also for taking cute Instagram pictures in pumpkin patches. These tops are super casual and can be styled simply. To style your knitted crop top, you will need a pair of mom jeans and a long cardigan. This is an easily achieved look that is sure to fit right in with fall fashion trends. Stores such as Urban Outfitters have been carrying these tops all season long, and for the mom jeans, Goodwill is always a good choice.

Photo courtesy of Forever 21

First seen on the runway, sheer overlays are very popular this season. They provide an elegant and wispy look. Styled with a bralette and neutral colored pants, this look is perfect for an afternoon out. If your sheer overlay is a neutral color, it can be styled with multiple items of clothing in any color. Sold at Shein or Forever 21 for fairly cheap, sheer overlays are a wardrobe must-have.

Happy styling with this year's trends!

By Katie Matheson, Contributing Writer


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