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Angel Numbers: Signs from the Universe

Graphic courtesy of @april_infinitesoulxo on Instagram

You may have noticed the time at 11:11, or that today happens to be 2/22, and thought nothing much of it. But there is more to these numerical sequences, commonly referred to as “angel numbers,” than initially meets the eye.

Dating back to ancient Greek civilization, angel numbers are repeating sequences of a particular number (typically in threes or fours) believed to signify special energies and meanings from the universe. Frequently seeing certain angel numbers is considered a sign from the universe providing guidance in your journey.

So, what do they all mean? Beginning with the ever-so popular 111, this angel number is interpreted as an invitation for manifestation, motivation and confidence. Additionally, 111 signifies new beginnings or chapters opening up in life. If you see this one, keep a lookout for opportunities concerning positive change and growth.

Generally, 222 is regarded as a reminder to keep yourself balanced, especially if you’ve struggled with being overwhelmed or preoccupied recently. 333 encourages you to lean into your personal strengths and relinquish doubt for anything you’re working towards pursuing.

The number 444 is a reassuring sign from the universe indicating that whether or not you feel like it, you’re on the path you’re meant to be on. Be trusting that everything happens for a reason, and it will all work out for your benefit.

555 opens up opportunities for adventure and change, allowing you to take control and steer your situation the way you want it to go. And while 666 has gained a bad reputation, there’s no need to fear. It’s simply a sign from the universe encouraging you to refocus and reorder your thoughts when you begin to spiral.

Considered the most divine of them all, 777 relates to connecting with your inner self. Seeing this indicates the viewer should take time to tap into their inner being to unlock their full potential. 888 welcomes abundance and success into your life through successes and good luck. A world of possibilities will open up for you if only you look in the right places.

Finally, 999 signifies the closing of a chapter. While many angel numbers foretell new opportunities and beginnings, 999 is closure from the universe in order to make way for better, new experiences in your life.

Next time you spot an angel number, remember that the universe is sending you a reminder that it's on your side.

By Grayson Morris, Podcasting Co-Director


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