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Angels Opt to Run Instead of Fly

Nov. 2 heralded a beautiful 5th place for Meredith’s Crosscountry Angels at the USA South Championship conference. Held in Rocky Mount, the team scored an impressive 130 points comprised of 3 All-conference honors and several personal bests. The team now looks forward to the NCAA South/Southeast Regionals in Memphis, Tenn. on Nov. 16.

The USA South East Division standings found Meredith’s Avenging Angels solidly in a 2nd place win. The fight was back and forth but ended with Meredith taking victory over Salem during Nov. 1’s game and improving the Angels’ status. The USA South Tournament begins Nov. 5.

For more information and play-by-plays, check out Meredith’s Avenging Angels at:

By Lilly R. Wood, A&E Editor


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