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The Colton Review Literary Gathering

On April 11 at 4:00 p.m. The Colton Review hosted a spring open mic event for students to bring original pieces of writing to perform and read to other participating students or audience members. 

The Colton Review is Meredith’s art and literature journal that features work from students, faculty, and staff. The annual publication which is produced by student editors aims to “showcase the Meredith College community’s creativity.” 

Tamara Bomparte 24 is a Co-Editor of The Colton Review and shared that the spring open mic was an “incredible time for students to share their creative writing and cheer one another on in their creative pursuits!” The event was opened with refreshments for attendees and “the sign up sheet was filled in no time” according to Bomparte.The genres of work performed varied with poetry, prose, comedy sets and more being represented. Bomparte shared a few of her favorite pieces, saying one included “a comical email about the struggles of math” and “a sweet poem about a lonely frog.” 

With students of all majors being welcome to participate in the event, an array of creative expressions were present and shared during this event. Bomparte said “it was very touching to see the student body encourage each other and celebrate creative expression.”

If you are interested in attending future events for The Colton Review or becoming a staff member, follow @mccoltonreview on Instagram, or visit the website. 

By: Haileigh West, Associate Edior

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC


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