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Being a Little Sis During a Pandemic

Photo courtesy of Meredith College

Getting your Big Sis in the middle of a pandemic is a lot like getting Easter candy during Halloween: it doesn’t match your expectations, but you’re going to enjoy it anyway. I have had a good experience receiving my Big Sis, while still doing some outside activities. Attending college during a pandemic is difficult, but the Big Sis/Lil’ Sis program has been the best part.

The tradition of getting a Big Sis was exciting, until I received many emails about what seemed like extreme social distancing, no photos and the requirements of masks. While I deem these things as important in stopping the spread of COVID-19, the situation was still disappointing; however, the rules did make me realize the importance of relationships in a way I hadn’t before. As a Little Sis, I want a strong relationship with my Big Sis and to share many important things with her. Being in a pandemic has limited, though not exterminated, the possibility of having a strong relationship with my Big Sis in the same way that previous classes have had. With some extra work, I have been lucky enough to build a relationship with my Big during this pandemic through brief hangouts and plenty of texts. Some Littles haven’t been as lucky.

This year, several Bigs have made little effort to get to know or hang out with their Little Sisters. A fellow Little described the situation as this: “I had to initiate all of the conversations and still have yet to meet her.” The Little even said she doesn’t know why her Big chose to be a Big Sis, and finally stated that “it would help if there wasn’t a pandemic.” Another Little is more unbothered by the situation, saying “[my Big] had the chance to get to know me and didn’t take it, and that’s okay.” I’m saddened that many Littles aren’t getting the opportunity to get to know their Bigs. Big Sisters have a responsibility to know and mentor their Littles; why do they not take this seriously?

I’m very thankful for the tradition of the Big Sis/Lil’ Sis program, but I am hopeful for changes in the future regarding COVID-19 restrictions and ensuring Big Sisters do their jobs. Littles need mentors to help grow during this tough time and to help them enjoy their time at Meredith. I feel that it is necessary to have a good relationship with someone on campus, and most definitely with your Big.

By Katie Matheson, Contributing Writer


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