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Changes to Tea for Two Impacts DanceWorks

Tea for Two, a tradition where Meredith sophomores share a brunch with a woman mentor of their choice, has been scheduled for April 22 at the Crabtree Valley Marriott Hotel. This year, the Class of 2025 will have their Tea for Two event with their Big class, the Class of 2023. However, the scheduling of this event has disappointed some students in the dance program because it conflicts with the dance program’s spring concert, the DanceWorks showcase, scheduled that same day.

The time for Tea for Two has not yet been announced. There are plenty of opportunities to attend DanceWorks before or after the Tea for Two tradition, but seniors and sophomores involved in DanceWorks on the 22nd may not be able to attend themselves. Those who may miss the DanceWorks show at 2 p.m. that day because of Tea for Two can attend the event through the entire weekend with shows April 21 at 7:30 p.m., April 23 at 2 p.m. and a later show on April 22 at 7:30 p.m.

According to the Class of 2023 Tea for Two co-chair, Rachel Van Horne, “The Tea for Two advisor, Emily Saylor, sat down with us [the Classes of 2023 and 2025 co-chairs] and told us that [April 22] was the only date available at the Marriott.” Savannah Stainback, a member of the Class of 2025, is performing in DanceWorks and is one of the students concerned about the potential DanceWorks and Tea for Two conflict.

Stainback said, “If [she] could attend Tea for Two on Saturday, April 22, [she] would.” However, “if [she’s] unable to attend Tea for Two due to a conflict with DanceWorks [she] would feel extremely disappointed and like [she’s] missing out on an important sophomore tradition.” She continued that “[she] know[s] that the committee for Tea for Two is aware of the DanceWorks conflict and is working to have two sessions on Saturday. However, if [she] wanted to bring [her] mom (who lives two and a halfhours away) or someone who lives off-campus, that would be asking for a very early wake-up time for them, as well as [for herself], who will be in the DanceWorks show the night before.

DanceWorks prides itself on being open to the entire campus population, so having an event scheduled the day of two DanceWorks shows seems conflicting [for] a lot of students.” More information regarding this tradition is to come. Students should check their emails for Halo Happenings newsletters and updates from their class’s co-chairs as event details are finalized.

By Abby Ruehle, Reporter


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