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Eva Kor

- By Emma Gomes, Staff Writer -

On Wednesday Feb. 21, Meredith’s Communication Club will host a live video chat with Eva Mozes Kor, who will share her story and view of the power of forgiveness. This tool has helped Eva Kor heal and live a purposeful life where she educates others on “the importance of never giving up, the dangers of prejudice, and the need for genocide prevention today” ( The live video chat will take place in the Jones Chapel at 10 am. This live-stream presentation and discussion qualifies as an Academic/Cultural Event in General Education.

Eva Mozes Kor was born on January 31, 1934 in Portz, Romania. A decade later, Eva Kor and her family arrived at the Auschwitz concentration camp, where they faced the devastating aftermath of being separated from one another. Eva Kor and her twin sister, Miriam Mozes Zeiger, were noticed by a Nazi soldier who allowed them to remain together. They and others were referred to as “Mengele twins” and were subject to Dr. Mengele’s genetic experiments. Although Eva did become severely sick, they both survived the heinous genetic experiments they were forced to be a part of. On Jan. 27, 1945, the Soviet Union liberated Auschwitz.

Although Eva Mozes Kor lost her childhood and faced many tragedies due to the Nazi regime and the terrifying events that took place in Auschwitz, when Eva came face to face with a Nazi doctor, Dr. Munch, in 1993, she found the power within herself to forgive him. She views forgiveness as a form of self-healing. In 1984, Eva Mozes Kor, alongside Miriam Mozes Zieger, founded the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, in search of other surviving Mengele twins. To learn more about her advocacy work and ways to help, check out the official website of CANDLES at


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