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Frozen II: Into the Unknown

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Despite skepticism from the general public, Frozen II is more than a mere “cash grab” involving a six-year-old franchise. This highly anticipated sequel is a great way to spend your time. The five main characters, older and wiser than before, make their epic return to the big screen to charm audiences young and old with a story of courage, acceptance, loyalty and love. It has funny moments, sad moments and empowering moments. Frozen II expands upon the backstory of Elsa, the main character, by building a new setting beyond the kingdom of Arendelle. Audiences are introduced to the Northuldra tribe and are shown the origins of Elsa’s ice powers. The stunning visuals paint an expanded world for the characters to explore, accompanied by a whole new soundtrack including three dualcovered songs (“Lost in the Woods,” “All is Found” and “Into the Unknown”). Not only are there new and catchy songs, but the jokes and plot appeal to both younger and older audiences. Elsa's character manages to defy the “Disney Princess” stereotypes. She listens to her heart but is not motivated to do so for romantic reasons. Anna has a visible anxiety attack on screen in relation to a key plot point, which validates the idea that even princesses can have mental health issues. In the past, princesses have had dramatic breakdowns, but this is the first time that this form of vulnerability has been depicted in Disney’s animation. The icing on the cake is when Anna’s love interest, Kristoff, sings a ‘90s boy band-style solo, reindeer back-up singers and all. The movie is not a disappointment and is a great example of how sequels to large box office movies should be produced. Frozen II will have you hooked from the beginning flashback scene all the way to Brendon Urie’s soaring vocals in his cover of “Into the Unknown.”

By Ell Shelp-Peck, Staff Writer, and Erin Wendorf, Contributing Writer


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