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Giving Thanks for Traditions

- By Samantha Huffman, Staff Writer -

Throughout the years there have been many time-honored traditions that are invariably linked to Thanksgiving, and the major focus of Thanksgiving revolves around the turkey. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, a tradition in itself, is broadcast every year with Tom Turkey leading the way. We also get to bear witness to the annual turkey pardon which is hosted by the president of the United States. Most importantly, the turkey is the centerpiece of many dinner tables, even if the cooking methods have evolved over the years.

Although the turkey has a tendency to be the focus, there are many other family traditions out there. These family traditions are directly linked to travel which is at a high at this time of the year. Once  travel has been completed, then celebrators can carry on many other traditions.  Senior Caitlin Sloan and her family start the festivities early. Sloan says, “My family does appetizer night the night before we have Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brings different appetizers and wines and we all just pig out.” Haley Yow also shared a day before tradition of honoring her grandmother’s memory by recreating some of her recipes such as oyster stew.

One of the major focal points of Thanksgiving revolves around its name. Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for the things in our lives. Thanks needs giving for the things we take for granted such as food, family, education and comfort. Most importantly, we should be thankful for our freedoms that allow us to celebrate this wonderful holiday in any way we want with any tradition we can follow or create.

No matter what the table is covered with be it appetizers or turkey, there seems to be one common theme throughout this holiday: family. Thanksgiving starts a season of spending time with family that continues through Christmas, and that is why the Macy’s Day parade is bookended with Tom Turkey and Santa Claus. To everyone out there, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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