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Hayden Howlett Named New SGA President

Photo courtesy of the Halo Happenings

On Nov. 7, it was announced that SGA President Denise Bahena-Bustos would be stepping down from the role and would be replaced by Hayden Howlett, who previously served as SGA Vice President. Howlett is a member of the Class of 2023 with a Political Science major with a concentration in Pre-Law. She is also minoring in History and Forensic Science.

The Herald reached out to Howlett about taking over the position of SGA President. When asked what inspired her to take on the role, Howlett said, “The decision to step up and represent the student body as the SGA President was undoubtedly the easiest ‘yes.’ I truly love the Meredith community and having the privilege to work alongside other student leaders, impressive faculty and the Executive Leadership Team is not something I take lightly. I am honored to be able to fulfill this role.”

With every new leader comes the hope and responsibility that they will be able to enact change or achieve some of their goals. When asked what Howlett is hoping to accomplish by holding this position, she said, “I hope to continue my work with strong leaders on campus and help to advocate for change and inclusivity.” She continued on by saying, “I want Meredith to feel safe for everyone, and through the SGA Executive Board and our work with Campus Security, DEIB leadership, the Traditions Review Board and Executive Leaders on campus, I hope that our message of progressiveness is clear.”

Howlett makes it clear that she wants to hold this leadership position by advocating for students. She said, “I want all students to know that I am on their side and want to advocate for them in any capacity I can. If there are student concerns, come to an SGA open meeting if you are comfortable voicing an opinion to the SGA Executive Board, fill out the Student Life Concern form which are sent out weekly on our Halo Happenings newsletter, or email [myself] or any other member of the SGA Executive Board directly. SGA wants to work with students, please reach out!”

Bahena-Bustos did not respond to The Herald’s request for comment.

By Haileigh West, Reporter


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