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How to Keep in Touch with Long-Distance Friends

With graduation and the end of the semester quickly approaching, the reality of long distance friendships is looming for many people at Meredith. While the COVID-19 pandemic taught us a lot about how to have remote friendships, the dynamic of these relationships changes as people enter different stages of their lives.

Some people may enter the workforce, others may attend graduate school and some may take a breath. The variety of paths in post-graduation life can create a complication for communication. With varying schedules and potentially different time zones, it can take creativity and intentionality to maintain a friendship. Below is a list of creative ways to stay connected with people post-graduation and during the summer.

Create a shared recipe folder

If cooking is a shared source of joy, create a shared Google Drive folder where each person can add recipes. This way, everyone can still share a meal, even if it’s from far away. Also, it can be fun to share family recipes as a way to feel closer to the other person. Food is a great way to reminisce and start meaningful conversations.

Schedule phone calls

It can get difficult to spontaneously call people who have different schedules, so while it may seem tedious, scheduling time for one another is important. A great time to schedule these interactions is when someone knows they will be driving—making sure to stay safe with the aid of Bluetooth. This way, there is a set start and end time, and both parties can fully participate. Another great time to talk is when cooking, which can be especially entertaining if everyone is making the same meal.

Plan trips

While it can be fun to visit friends in their new homes, meeting somewhere that both people have not been before creates a shared new adventure. This way, everyone gets a chance to experience something different and create new memories together. Additionally, planning a trip can also be an enjoyable activity to do together.

Send cards

While it is easier to send a text message or email, there is something exciting about receiving a card in the mail. Spontaneous cards are a great way to let someone know that they are being thought of and it shows great care and intention.

Watch a show or movie

With many online platforms offering group streaming services, it makes it easy to watch a movie or show at the same time. If this is too difficult to coordinate, everyone could watch an episode or two of the same show each week and then discuss it. This creates a shared experience and adds a conversation topic.

By Elinor Shelp-Peck, Co-Editor in Chief


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