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Masterchef Reigns Supreme as Seniors Win Cornhuskin'

Photo by Kayla Dunn

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 on sweeping the Cornhuskin’ win as this year’s overall winner. After a long night of impressive Cornhuskin’ skits and dances from all four classes, it could have been anyone's win.

The Class of 2026 performed their “Winx Club”-inspired “Angel Wings Club” themed dances and audience-grabbing skits. The Class of 2025 gave enthusiastic performances of “Mystery at Meredith,” inspired by “Scooby-Doo, Jinkies!” The Juniors chose a celebratory theme after recently receiving their Onyx class rings with their baseball-inspired “Swing for the Bling.” The Class of 2023 stole the victory with their “Masterchef: Corn” themed performances, which included guest appearances by Pal Fieri, Gordon Daisy and Bobby Slay.

Each class competed in Skit, Hog Callin’ and Tall Tale on the night of the event. However, factors like sweatshirt design and unity points were determined prior to Cornhuskin’ and used to calculate the overall score.

Despite Seniors winning Cornhuskin’ overall, the Juniors took home the spirit stick and victories in other categories (see “Full Cornhuskin’ Results” on pg. 3). Congratulations, and great job everyone!

By Evelyn Summers, Senior Copy Editor


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