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MCGs Sell Things

- By Tishya Robertson, Staff Writer -

Meredith students have a lot on their plates: rigorous classes, internships, parking lot practices every fall, countless meetings, and many more commitments. Some students on campus have their own businesses to keep up with as well. Here are three current students running their own shops on personal websites or on Etsy, an online marketplace featuring handmade and vintage items.

Sarah Augsbach, Seas Design Co.


Instagram & Facebook: @SeasDesignCo

Senior Sarah Augsbach runs Seas Design Co., which has decals for your electronics and prints for your walls. She started the business writing invitations for others in 2013, but she became too busy in 2016 to continue it. Over the summer, boredom combined with her graphic design experience and love of cute stickers led to the revival of the shop. Today, it includes Meredith-related prints and stickers, as well as stickers for NC State, Raleigh, and funny sayings. Her onyx sticker is her favorite product in her shop; she said, “I know a lot of people love it, so that makes me love it.” Augsbach would love to spend more time with her shop creating more designs, but we all know that “school comes first.”

Julia Hall McQueen, Juliebean Art & Handlettering


Instagram: @juliebean_art

Julia Hall McQueen is a junior who enjoys hand lettering and painting. What began as a hobby that she posted about on social media led to numerous comments and interest in her art. She started selling prints to others to make more money, and her favorite item is her watercolor print of Psalm 46:5, which says, “God is within her, she will not fail.” McQueen finds the business harder to keep up with during the school year, but thinks that it is beneficial to be around fellow college students who purchase her prints since she is “in the same age group as the people who are buying them.”

Lauren Hopper, Honey Beeads


Instagram: @honey.beeads

Facebook: @HoneyBeeadsNC

Junior Lauren Hopper is studying interior design and business administration. As a college freshman, she didn’t like the cost of the jewelry she liked, so she started to make her own pieces that she would sell on Etsy. Soon after, she changed the name of her shop to Honey Beeads and started her own website to sell her jewelry on. She loves the colorful necklace she calls “The Shannon,” saying, “ I wear this necklace all the time and it goes with just about everything. I think everyone who has bought it can say the same!” Hopper has also made jewelry specifically for Meredith students, one with an angel wing pendant called the Meredith and pieces for Cornhuskin’. “College is a really creative time, so I am always creating new pieces based on [what people like],” she adds.

Photo courtesy of Lauren Hopper


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