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MCSN: Communication's Newscast Program

Photo courtsey of @meredithcollege on Instagram

With the opening of the new CHESS building this semester, new programs are being created at Meredith to incite student initiative and involvement. One of the programs being created this year is Meredith College Student News (MCSN).

With the new studio in the CHESS building, and the direction of Dr. Lynn Owens, the new Associate Professor of Communication, students will have the chance to get hands-on experience working in news.

According to Dr. Owens, the program uses the acronym MCSN “because we like the sound of traditional station call letters. It stands for Meredith College Student News.”

When asked what the inspiration was for wanting to start a newscast here at Meredith, Dr. Owens said, “Meredith is the perfect place to have a student newscast. The students have the writing, video and editing skills to produce news stories. And the new studio in CHESS is the ideal place to show them off.”

Dr. Owens also stated, “Students may not know about this, but Meredith has a Student Media Association. Members can get involved with the newscast, podcast and other video productions.”

The Herald also spoke with the co-producers of the newscast,Rachel Van Horne and Sarah Moore.

When asked what they were hoping to share with students, Van Horne said, “There is no better time to join than now! We are all so excited for this new opportunity, and we are looking to build a team of interested individuals who are willing to learn along with us!”

Moore shared, “We are working diligently to make sure that the newscast starts out on a great note and can't wait to share it soon with everyone.”

There are many creative factors that go into creating a newscast. “You don’t have to be a COM major to join,” Van Horne says. “We are also interested in having other arts and humanities majors as well as STEM majors join us. Also, if you’re artistically inclined, every good news show needs a Graphic Designer with an eye for design!”

If you are interested in joining the newscast, Dr. Owens shared some of the positions that they are looking to fill. “We will need producers, reporters, anchors, photographers, directors and editors to put each show together,” she said. If you are interested in getting involved with the Meredith Newscast, please contact Dr. Owens at

By Haileigh West, Reporter


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