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Meredith Choirs Hold Outdoor Concert

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The front of Johnson Hall at Meredith College
Photo by Madison Sholar

On Saturday, March 6, the Meredith College Choirs held an impromptu concert behind Johnson Hall. The performance was not heavily publicized in order to minimize the number of people in attendance per COVID-19 protocol. The concert was directed and planned by Dr. Shannon Gravelle, Meredith’s Director of Choral Activities.

Since coming to Meredith five years ago, Dr. Gravelle has created a theme for every one of the choral concerts. The theme of this concert was “We Shall Be Known: Music Tells a Story.” This theme was consistent with this year’s overarching idea of music telling stories from all over the world and enabling choir students to connect more deeply with the text of the songs.

Dr. Gravelle points out that her students adapted quickly to the changes that had to happen due to the pandemic. She says, “I am impressed with the singers and their tenacity. They are COVID aware but still want to build and invest in the choir community.”

Chorale alto section leader Ingrid Santiago, ‘22, expresses that she feels grateful that choir is still doable despite COVID-19 restrictions. She believes that each singer is responsible for bringing their own stories to the pieces they sing. Additionally, she emphasizes that choral music is so important, especially during the pandemic, because it has the ability to touch people emotionally.

An anonymous sophomore in Chorale says, “This concert gave me a sense of normalcy, and I am so thankful that Dr. Gravelle planned it. Of course, it is not always like this, but for the given circumstances, I am really happy with how it turned out. My family and some friends were there to watch, and they all loved it.”

The next Meredith Choirs concert is scheduled for April 24 at 3 p.m. behind Johnson Hall. All the choirs will be singing the commencement song, “Where There Is Light in the Soul,” for the graduating seniors.

By Claire Heins and Rania Abushakra, Staff Writers


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