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Meredith Lake Restoration Continues

The construction going on at the Meredith Lake
Photo by Olivia Slack

This year, the Meredith Lake has started undergoing major renovations due to pipe and plumbing issues that caused the lake to drain in 2017. According to the latest Campus Growth update, lake renovations are expected to be completed during the Fall 2021 semester. Included in the restoration is the small island and a new bridge, bulkhead and seating areas. This renovation project was created by Erin Cleghorn, Director of the Meredith Fund, and has been “completely donor funded” according to Hilary Allen, ‘01, Director of Alumnae Relations.

Cheryl Jenkins, Director of Student Leadership and Service, said that “learning to be even more creative and adaptable with the pandemic” has led to more consideration of outdoor spaces for events and traditions. “The Meredith Activities Board (MAB) may want to consider this outdoor space for some interesting events. I also think that student organizations will appreciate having another space to consider for [their] activities,” Jenkins stated.

Dr. Jean Jackson, ‘75, Vice President for College Programs, stated, “The lake and surrounding area are full of happy memories for many generations of Meredith students, including my own.” Jackson recalled McIver Amphitheater as the place where she participated in Class Day ceremonies her sophomore and senior years. Her class also used the amphitheater to successfully hide the crook from the Class of 1976 during Crook Hunt.

Allen also highlighted how important the Meredith Lake is to the Meredith community. She stated, “As you come through the front gates and enter campus, one sees the dome and columns of Johnson Hall, the steeple of Jones Chapel and the lake within McIver Amphitheater. As alumnae, that vision is a sign that you have returned home. A piece of that beautiful vision has been missing.” She continued, “I know that every member of the Meredith community will be both grateful and happy to see the lake returned to all its beauty so that it can once again serve as a beautiful venue for campus events and traditions or just a quiet, serene space for reading, studying and reflecting.”

By Jeanine Carryl, Staff Writer


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