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Meredith Volleyball Team Season Success

Meredith College’s Volleyball team became this year's champions for the USA South regular volleyball season. According to stats as of 14 Nov. this year, the team came out with 16 wins and two losses during the conference matches played.

Throughout the regular season, the Meredith Volleyball team held a winning streak of 14 games out of the 16, the highest in their conference according to the USA South website. They played 31 matches overall and had a win/loss record of 25-6 out of the overall matches played. Their stats and victories put them at the top of the charts against their opponents.

Their performance this season won them the championship title for the 2023 USA South Volleyball season.

The USA South Volleyball Tournament championship was hosted by Meredith this year in the Weatherspoon gymnasium. The first round of the conference tournament took place on Tuesday, Nov.7. The team’s winning streak remained unbroken as they won their game against North Carolina Wesleyan College. The Meredith Volleyball team won all three sets in a 3-0 final score.

The team had 41 kills (hits that resulted in immediate points) and 9 aces (unreturned serves) throughout the game according to the USA South website. In the semi-finals, which took place on Thursday, Nov. 9 in the Weatherspoon gymnasium, the Meredith Volleyball team competed against Salem College for a spot in the finals to battle for the conference championship title. Meredith won the semi-finals against Salem’s team in a clean sweep and remained victorious in every set.

The Meredith Volleyball team competed against Greensboro College’s team for the conference championship in the final round of the tournament on Saturday, Nov. 11, at Meredith College in Weatherspoon. The Avenging Angels came out victorious as the conference champions for the 2023 USA South Volleyball Conference tournament.

By Elaina Irving, Contributing Writer



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