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New Vendor for Onyx Rings

The traditional Meredith College onyx ring will no longer be available through Jostens after April 2024. Meredith recently partnered up with Balfour & Co. to begin producing the class rings. Balfour & Co. has been in business since 1913 and state on their website that they are focused on “delivering exceptional quality that lasts a lifetime and captures special memories of student life…” 

According to a news article on the Meredith College website, Balfour & Co. will also be producing Meredith products and regalia. The article goes on to state that the company is “a leader in the industry” and manages nearly 75% of all ring programs in colleges and universities, including North Carolina State University (NCSU). 

In terms of differences, Jostens offered students a payment plan of up to four installments, whereas Balfour & Co. offers three. Professor Alan Buck, Communications, stated that “now is not the time to reduce student’s options to pay on something that they really want. Even if it’s just one installment.”

 Students also shared their thoughts with Grace Ledford, ‘25, noting that she feels that “a lot of Meredith students are able to pay for the ring, but the school often overlooks people who can’t. At other schools, half the students don’t even get rings, but at Meredith it’s a tradition. The school should make it as accessible as possible.” Another student, Dana Kimball, ‘25, noted that  “cost of life right now is difficult whether you’re an adult student or a young student. If this is a ‘tradition,’ Meredith should consider adding the ring to the cost of tuition.”

As for those who have purchased rings with Jostens, the news article stated that students and alumnae can submit any claims online or call Jostens directly. In the article, Hilary Allen, ‘01, Director of Alumnae Relations, shared that students can expect “artisan craftsmanship and excellent customer service” from the company.

For any questions relating to the Class Ring Program, students can contact Hilary Allen via email or phone. The website also shares additional information regarding frequently asked questions and more information on how students can share their ring story.

By: Mel Laureano, Staff Writer

Graphic by Shae-Lynn Henderson, EIC



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